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The Harris Files:  by David Harris 

May 02 2019

The Tiger roars again-  

Thursday, May 2, 2019, 12:39:08 PM EDT, David Harris <[email protected]> wrote:

There are a number of great comebacks in the history of sports, among them are the historic Rumble In The Jungle between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman for the heavyweight boxing title of the world which took place on October 30th, 1974 in Kinshasa, Zaire now the Democratic Republic of Congo.

At that time Ali was 32 years, seven years earlier he was stripped from the title of heavyweight boxing champion of the world after refusing to join the United States Army, from the ages of 25 to almost 29, the greatest boxer who ever lived was banned from taking part in the sport he dearly love.

Foreman, the reining champion was 25 years of age and appeared to be almost invincible, he had demolished Joe (Smokey Joe) Frazier to win the title in 1973. Smokey Joe, the first man to defeat Ali was hammered to the ground on six occasions in the first two rounds on the fight.

Ken Norton who had defeated Ali on points after breaking his jaw was floored by Foreman in two rounds, as a result of those remarkable victories several of Ali's fans wonder if he was doing the right thing by fighting against such a devastating fighter.

Ali shunned the world when he knocking out Foreman late in eight round to recaptured the heavyweight title, it was a great comeback by one of the greatest athletes, a man who many thought had passed his prime.

Tiger Woods recent triumph in Masters is the latest great sporting comeback, from 1997 to 2010 he ruled the golf courses winning 14 majors in 13 years. He began to lose his roar in 2009 when his marital infidelities were highlighted in the media.

After that, Woods ' career quickly went downhill, there were a series of operations on his back and he suffered the humiliation of being arrested for driving under the influence. Two years ago, Woods told golfer Mark O' Meara he was not sure he would ever play golf again.

Woods showed what a true champion is made of and fought his way back into top form. Last year, he won his first tournament in five years at the Tour Championship. On April 14, Woods won the Masters Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Course, the Tiger had recaptured his roar.

Shadowless Biz:  by Michael AW Callender

April  01, 2019


LIAT Airlines is in Jeopardy of being grounded

Once again, Caribbean intra-regional travel is in chaos. LIAT Airlines is in jeopardy of being grounded permanently, mainly because of major financial problems.

The regional Airline is owned and operated by the Governments of Barbados, Antigua & Barbuda, St Vincent & Grenadines and Dominica.

The Carrier which provide services to most of the region, with 491 flights per week to 15 destinations should be actually owned or heavily subsidized by all of the Countries, mainly because it is a benefit to each destination. Why should a few have the burdensome task of the Investment, debt, and major operational headaches, while others benefit gleefully without contribution?

In retrospect, commonsense dictates that leaders from the majority of Islands are not interested in the Airline as shareholders seemingly because of expected losses, and moreso political madness .Where is the business Model and Caribbean unity?

How could the region progress, especially as Tourism destinations without reliable Air connectivity

Seemingly once again CARICOM is at question, now with a transportation Industry that is completely in chaos. Let’s refresh our memories, with reflection on the defunct existence and operations of Air Carriers in the region, such as - Guyana Airways, CARICARGO, BWIA, Tobago Express, Air Jamaica, Trans Island Airways, Caribbean Star Airlines, Air Caribbean, REDJet, and numerous others. Any ideas why these Carriers collapsed?

Leaders, stop the loud statements, settle your minds, reason and make your committed investment. Implement a mandatory and sensible restructuring program, reduce the exorbitant taxes applied to passengers, and proceed with the much needed service.

The region and its people need the continued existence of LIAT.

Readers, Contact your Political leaders, showcase your concern and desire for a commonsense decision on this topic.

Wondering! What is the status of the long awaited Ocean Ferry that was promised decades ago? Why can’t the Governments push aside the Political madness and implement this meaningful alternative service? Unity is power, especially in today’s age when the mother countries seemingly aren’t interested in caring for the continued promotion of Caribbean integration, progress and moreso development.

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Michael A W Callender is the Marketing & Media Consultant /Tourism & Culture - SMAC Productions, NY USA

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