Ian Proverbs

Manager of Courtesy Rentals, in Barbados, West Indies

“Place yourself in the position of the client…how would you feel?”

These have been the words that guide the life and work of Ian Proverbs, manager of Courtesy Rent-A-Car in Barbados. After completing his studies, Ian immediately entered the fast-paced world of airline work at the Seawell International Airport, now known as the Grantley Adams International Airport.

He first worked with a small charter airline company before moving to Barbados’ leading airline handling company, Seawell Air Services. A good foundation is always necessary in any journey. His time in the airline industry was hectic, fulfilling, and most of the time, enjoyable.

Ian started as a passenger agent responsible for check-in and flight arrivals for different airlines such as British Airways, Pan Am, and Ward Air. He transferred to the operations department as a load controller responsible for the weight and balance of the aircraft.

While at the airport, he learned that timekeeping is extremely important because no one wants to be late. He also learned to always place one’s self in the shoes of the client in front of you and think of how the client would react to a situation. Just imagine traveling for eight hours on a plane and arriving at your paradise location without your baggage.

He moved on to a management position within the retail sector after almost 10 years in the airline field. It was quite a change for him and it was not nearly as fulfilling as being in the airline industry. After a brief four years, he returned to the tourism field, this time, within the auto rental field, which would become the place where he would find the most satisfaction.

Ian joined Courtesy Rent-A-Car in 1991. He found a business that is never the same every day, a job that is challenging and enjoyable, and a team focused on the customers.

From 1991 up to the present, with a brief break from 1995 to 1999, he has led a team of remarkable people who go out of their way to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients. Customer satisfaction is his focus and it has established a significant repeat customer base.



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